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Collections Available
Collections are special groupings of patterns that are sold together at an economical price. Unlike our regular pattern sets, most collections are only offered in a single format to facilitate downloading and generous price breaks. Back-up discs are available at additional cost.

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Formats Available and General Information

Please note that we do not e-mail patterns. Patterns are available for IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD after ordering. For that reason you need to Create an Account for ordering (under "MY ACCOUNT" above). No financial information of any type is stored in our database. The only thing stored there will be your name, address and phone number. It will be linked to all your pattern orders so you can retrieve them. Our merchant provider will check out your order on a SECURE SERVER with a valid certificate.

When you finish paying, do not close the window. Let the merchant provider return you to our website or click the link to return their on their page. Log In again if you are logged out and choose Download My Patterns from the MY ACCOUNT menu. You will see a list of all your orders. When you click on them you will be taken to a page where you can download your pattern files. These downloads are available within a couple of seconds of ordering unless your order is huge - in which case it might take 2 or 3 minutes.

IF YOU ARE ORDERING A PHYSICAL ITEM you must provide a shipping address or we will use the address provided in our database!

You do NOT need to specify a file format. When you order digital quilting patterns for computerized systems from our website, you will receive a single zip file.  This file will contain the following file formats - which are supported for the system listed:

CQP - Compuquilter pattern file.
DXF - We now supply a Statler Compliant Poly-line DXF file for editing.
GIF - Low resolution image file for use on website or for thumbnails.
HQF - Pro Stitcher pattern file (DO NOT use TXT format)
IQP - Intelliquilter pattern file.
MQR - Machine Quilting Robot
PAT - ABM AutoPilot
PLT - QBOT pattern file (NOTES file contains instructions/copyright info)
- Statler Stitcher pattern file in 3-point arc format
SSD - Quilting Solution's Side Saddle
TXT - PC Quilter pattern file.
WMF - High resolution image file for reference.
PDF - Single repeat on an 8½ x 11 page to print for reference.

IN ADDITION, we can provide PPF files - which are for handguided quilting AND file formats for embroidery machines.. These are provided as separate purchases and not part of the ZIP file for digital robotic quilting patterns.

IMPORTANT - If you are converting from any of these formats to use on another system we CANNOT SUPPORT YOU. Digital files purchased to convert are done so at your own risk, and there are no refunds. That being said, people have successfully converted files for use with the Shirley Stitcher and other robotic systems that can use the QLI format.

You will also receive the specific Terms and Conditions of Use as well as a file describing General Pattern Info OR infomation specific to the pattern.

IMPORTANT - THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON DIGITAL GOODS. We only support the systems listed above directly.