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The 579 Feather 1 Collection
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The patterns on this page are a complete downloadable collection. AUTO DOWNLOAD of Special Collections are currently only available in Computerized formats. If you wish to purchase the collection in handguided format (PPF), please contact us before ordering.

Collection Price - $35
If purchased individually, these patterns total $46.

1009X01 - 579 Feather 1 - Motif 1 and Triangle

A fabulous, original Feather design - part of a coordinated set

A feather design with a very exotic or antique look. It can create a unique fashion statement with it's long, thin loops! Provided 12" square, the motif can be resized from 8" to 16" with no issues. The triangle is perfect for a setting triangle, or can be used as a half block when your sewing head lacks the space to sew this block on point.

1009X02 - 579 Feather 1 - Swirl Motif 2

A fabulous, original Feather design - part of a coordinated set

A great alternative for blocks where you want a pattern that gives the feeling of movement. It looks terrific on some of the simple windmill blocks as the quilting really stands out. Provided 12" high, it can be sewn effectively from 8" to 16".

1009X03 - 579 Feather 1 - Circular Motif 3

A fabulous, original Feather design - part of a coordinated set

This motif is perfect if you want to focus in on a circular area yet sew the block all in one piece! We tried a mock quilt where we rotated every other block 90 degrees and it created a unique checkboard look that created a wonderful secondary pattern. Provided 12" high, recommended sewing sizes are 9" to 18" square.

1009X04 - 579 Feather 1 - Border 1 and Corner

A fabulous, original Feather design - part of a coordinated set

Provided 10" high, this border works best when sewn 6" or larger. The main border repeat is POINT TO POINT, so it can be easily resized to fit. Because the repeat is "flat edged", it lacks the problem of matching like many other feather patterns do when resized.

This collection is a single, downloadable zip file that contains all the files in the listed format.

Compuquilter (CQP)

ABM AutoQuilter format (PAT)

Poly-line DXF format

QBot format (PLT)

Handiquilter (HQF)

Statler Stitcher 3-Point Arc format (QLI)

Intelliquilter (IQP)

Side Saddle format (SSD)

Machine Quilting Robot format (MQR)

PC Quilter format (TXT)